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Grass Cutting

We provide grass cutting to domestic homes around Carrickfergus, Ballycarry and Newtownabbey. We provide a reliable, no mess no stress service. You come home from work and the lawn is cut and your property is left nice and tidy.

Commercial Grass Cutting

At Woodlawn Ltd, We provide  commercial grass cutting.

We use the latest equipment for leave the best possible job for our clients.

We do grass cutting for schools, care homes, factory’s, churches, estate agents and property management companies.   

grass cutting carrickfergus newtownabbey
grass cutting carrickfergus newtownabbey

Over grown Grass Cutting

We provide a grass cutting service for over grown grass. If your property or business has became over grown, we have specialist equipment so get your property cut down and put back into shape again. 

Strimming and Blowing

All grass cutting involves getting the edges strimmed to leave a nice tidy finish.

All debries from the strimming will then be blown to leave your footpaths, driveways and pedestrian walkways clean from grass cuttings.

grass cutting carrickfergus newtownabbey


We like to cut the grass every 2 weeks to keep it looking well

Yes all our equipment is petrol or battery powered. As long as there is no padlock on the gate we can cut the grass.

Yes. We have invested in the best equipment, which cuts in the wet as good as it does in the dry.

We post an invoice every 2 grass cuts, with the companies bank details on the invoice.

grass cutting carrickfergus newtownabbey

Get in touch if you would like us to do some grass cutting or maintenance for you.

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